Tailor-made for your organization  

- Create a Nordic Leadership  style & culture in your organisation with a tailormade course

Tailor-made Course for Your Organization

We work closely with your organization to develop a course that best meets the challenges with which your organization is faced. 

The course uses the 9 Nobel virtues as a framework that can be applied equally, or varying degrees of emphasis can be placed on specific virtues, depending on your organizational need.   

Find an example of a tailormade Nordic Leadership course here - with a case study from the company UNIA. 


The Nordic countries have been at the forefront of much that is new and interesting and continue to gain international attention. A trendsetter in design, gastronomy, literature, and visual art, Nordic countries also draw attention today for their business practices and involvement in key international organizations. At an individual and corporate level, The Nordics are gaining recognition for their distinct approach to leadership.

The inclusive, trusting, collaborative style of Nordic leadership offers a proven alternative to “command and control leadership” and a means by which to navigate through our current times of extreme change.


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 Viking Leadership and Organizational Culture Experts


Niels Dalhoff

Niels is Danish and for more than 20 years has worked as a management consultant, executive coach and coach for leadership and organizational development. For a period of 11 years, Niels has also held management positions in Dong Energy and Scandinavian Airlines within the areas of leadership and organizational development and implementation of LEAN. Niels interest in leadership and training started during his time as a Special Forces Soldier in the Danish Army. Niels has a Master from Oxford Brooks University and believes in a coaching approach to addressing most of the challenges in life. Therefore, coaching has become the focal point of all his deliveries.

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Chris Shern

Chris is a cultural adventurer. Raised in the US Midwest, he has lived and worked internationally for over 20 years.  He worked for Scandinavian Airlines for many years in a variety of leadership roles across three continents, giving him a unique “outsider on the inside” perspective to Nordic Leadership.  Currently, he is a Managing Director of IME, A Danish business foundation specializing in leadership development and executive education. He is co-author of "Return of the Vikings - Nordic Leadership in Times of Extreme Change" an inspirational book for Managers & Executives seeking inspiration in the trust-based Nordic approach to leadership, its origins in the Viking era, and its relevance in a world characterized by extreme change and complexity. Chris holds an Executive MBA from Henley Business School, a BA in International Relations, and is a certified executive coach.



- The Viking Leadership Course aims to inspire and develop the skills necessary for your organization to succeed in a world increasingly defined by complexity, uncertainty, and an increased speed of change.

- We will work closely with your organization to develop a program that best meets the challenges with which your organization is faced. The tailor-made Viking Leadership program uses the 9 Nobel virtues as a framework that can be applied equally, or varying degrees of emphasis can be placed on specific virtues, depending on organizational need.

- The course encompasses the key elements of Nordic Leadership based on the 9 Viking Virtues of Courage, Truth, Honor, fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-Reliance, Perseverance, a codex that formed the foundation of the success of the Viking era that spanned for over 400 years and forms the foundation of a Nordic leadership style and many of the success the Nordic countries are seeing today.

- Viking Leadership takes a common sense, value-based approach, and places it in a historical Viking context. Through taking modern day examples from the international focus and successes in the Nordic countries and the leadership style behind it, facilitates a common understanding for program participants. This understanding creates a common language and compass by which an individual, team or organization can navigate in a future characterized by extreme change and uncertainty. 



- Each of the virtues is supported by an extensive theoretical tool-box with particular focus on outcome and practical application, and the changes and development your organization wishes to achieve.

- Our approach deals with the 3 main areas of leading self, leading others and leading complexity.

- We apply an active learning approach with a high degree of interactivity and participant involvement, centered around learning teams.

- To ensure focus and a continuous learning process in between workshop sessions we apply online follow-up and tutoring based on accessible technology and a facilitated online learning philosophy.

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Application of the 9 Viking virtues, the associated theoretical foundation and applied methodology will develop qualities in a team or organization that will be better equipped to thrive in a volatile and uncertain future.


The program can create an organizational culture characterized by:

- Trust based (Truth).

- Driven by a greater sense of purpose (Honor, Fidelity).

- A sustainable approach to business that understands its greater role in the community. (Honor, Fidelity).

- Strong team spirit and a collaborative approach to tasks and problem solving. (Fidelity, Hospitality).

- The courage to take risks, make difficult decisions and stand up for what is right (Courage).

- A people centered approach to business that is focused on human connection and interaction (Hospitality).

- Disciplined in processes and systems, as well as disciplined in how to communicate and interact with others (Discipline).

- An entrepreneurial mindset that also understands being part of a greater system (Self-Reliance, Perseverance).

- A culture where open and honest feedback and communication is encouraged. (Courage, Truth).

- An innovative organization that is creative in its problem solving and disciplined in the use of available resources (Industriousness).


- DURATION: A tailor-made program can vary anywhere from ½ day to several workshop days spread out over months.
Depending on the organization and its needs.
Read about case study from UNIA, Poland here.


Reach out to us at info@ime.education or give us a call at +45 30 27 10 12 ( Chris Shern, CEO).