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Become inspired by the Nordic Leadership style and develop the skills necessary to succeed in a world increasingly defined by complexity and an increased speed of change. IME offers half-day introduction courses, tailormade courses for your organization or an inspirational speaker for your event. Choose the course that is the best fit for you and your company.



Half-day Introductory Course 

In this short introductory course we will explore the key elements of Nordic Leadership based on the 9 Viking Virtues of Courage, Truth, Honor, fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-Reliance, Perseverance. 

We will draw parallels between the virtues as a foundation for the Nordic leadership style. 


Half-day courses

Tailormade Course for Your Organization

Is where we work closely with your organization to develop a course that best meets the challenges with which your organization is faced. 

The course uses the 9 Nobel virtues as a framework that can be applied equally, or varying degrees of emphasis can be placed on specific virtues, depending on organizational need.   


Tailormade courses  

Chris Shern 

Chris Shern is a Managing Director, Speaker & Co-author of "Return of the Vikings - Nordic Leadership in Times of Extreme Change". Chris is an inspiring and motivating key-note speaker who speaks about the many different aspects of the Trust based, collaborative Nordic approach to leadership as a model for the future.  


Key note speaker  

The 9 Viking Virtues 

Our course structure is based on the 9 Viking Virtues. As explorers, political and educational innovators, The Nordic peoples have a rich heritage. This provides deep roots, traced back to the Viking era and the nine noble virtues of Nordic mythology. It still informs the way The Nordic peoples live and work today. The global nature of business and communication in the twenty-first century means that their influence extends well beyond northern Europe. Their methods, values, and leadership practices are woven into the DNA of international businesses founded in The Nordics, and exemplified by many Nordic practitioners who have chosen to work in other countries or for non-Scandinavian organizations.



Not only the courage to go take risks or enter into modern day battle, but the courage to speak up and stand up for what you believe is right.



Showing loyalty to the team, organization or community. Your actions and what you do serves a greater good or purpose



Being hardworking and dedicated to solving the problems.



Acting honorably in your actions and decisions. Your actions in times of crisis and uncertainty will define your legacy.


Self Reliance

Being able to act independently as part of a greater organization. An entrepreneurial mindset or an entrepreneur in a large organization.



The tenacity to not give up or to keep moving on to the end despite of hardship and resistance.



The self-discipline to develop your skill or trade. The discipline of restrain or structure to be able to work within a process or system.



Truth in the form of trust a cornerstone in nordic societies and nordic leadership. It creates the foundation for collaboration, low power distance and open communication.



Creating moments of human connection, warmth and a feeling of welcoming and belonging.


Chris Shern

Managing Director at IME & Co-author of "Return of the Vikings - Nordic Leadership in Times of Extreme Change"

Chris Shern is a cultural adventurer. He has lived and worked internationally for over 20 years. Chris was employed by Scandinavian Airlines for many years in a variety of leadership roles across three continents. Currently, he is a Managing Director of IME, specializing in leadership development.

Co- author of "Return of the Vikings - Nordic Leadership in Times of Extreme Change" -an inspirational book for Managers & Executives with interest in the way of the Nordics, the Nordic Leadership, philosophy, brands, culture and the historical link to the Viking era.



Return of the Vikings– Nordic Leadership in Times of Extreme Change 

The book by Chris Shern & Henrik Jeberg tells the story of the rich heritage of the Nordic peoples: as explorers, navigators, trendsetters, political and educational innovators. This provides deep roots, traced back to the Viking era and the nine noble virtues of Nordic mythology. And it still informs the way the Nordic peoples live and work today.


Authors: Chris Shern & Henrik Jeberg.

More info about the book here.