1. Who is a"typical" Mini MBA participant?

At IME we want to involve with people who desire to acquire new business skills which they can use immediately because they need it now. That is our ideal Mini MBA candidate.

In Singapore, the demands on you as a professional are fierce and there are lots of people out there who are more than willing to take your place if you don’t perform. There are a lot of ambitious and hard working Singaporeans. It is part of the culture. The demands are high, the expectations are high, the working hours are long. That is why people usually do not have the time to do a full MBA. To complete a Mini MBA requires time and prioritization, but you do not need to sacrifice years to further qualify yourself and your family and workplace does not need to be without you for a longer period of time. With one to two workshop-days per month during the 6-months period, the program is easy to fit in your busy everyday-schedule.

Here are a few examples of our average Mini MBA candidates:

  • Business Owners / Entrepreneurs who need reinforcement of their core business knowledge and administration skills for daily running of their business.
  • Senior / Middle Managers who have been promoted successfully throughout the years in specialized roles that only cover the areas of their expertise (such as Engineering, Retail, F&B, etc.) and want to gain a wider understanding of the various business areas and how they come together as a whole.
  • Executives aspiring for a more senior position and therefore need to increase their leadership capability and acquire the general managerial skills to stand out from the crowd.

You can find endorsements from our current students and our alumni here.

2. What are the program modules?

The IME Mini MBA Executive program follows the six modules of the classic MBA-program, which are: Strategy, Human Resource, Finance & Accounting, Marketing and Social Media, Change Management and Process & Lean. Besides that the program has a continuous focus on leadership and personal development through Design Your Career module. The program starts with a module called 'Doing Business in Asia'. That makes it 8 modules in total. 

Find more detailes about each of the modules here. 

3. How much time should I allocate for the course? Where can I find the exact schedule for your next course?

You should allocate your time for a Zoom meeting every Tuesday evening for 12 weeks in a row. 

After you last workshop day you will have some weeks to write the final assignment. The final act of the course is certification ceremony.

You can expect a time investment during the course of approx. 25 hours per month for preparations, assignments and workshop. You can read what our alumni Sean has to say about his time investment during the course here.


We start a new Mini MBA class in January and September each year. See the schedule for the next course here. 

4. Who are the Mini MBA experts?

We believe that the good experts can do wonders. They are inspiring, motivating, knowledgeable and has one foot planted directly in the business. Our experts are from a wide range of industries and organisations, with many years of work experience.

Find more details about each IME expert here.

5. What is the IME's approach to learning?
The Mini MBA course takes a very practical approach. It is a combination of intensive modules and self-study processes. The modules are organized around the real-world dilemmas and business challenges and choices that can be applied to your work. 
6. Do I receive a certificate upon successful completion of the program?
Yes. The conclusion of the program is a written assignment, a challenge directly related to your organization and linked to the knowledge you have gained during the program. Upon completion, you will receive a grade assessing your performance. Upon successful completion of the program you will receive an IME Mini MBA Certificate.
7. Will I increase my personal and professional network?

For sure. The small teams and the high degree of participant involvement will increase the likelihood that you can strengthen your personal and professional network. During the classes there will be active sparring, knowledge sharing and interesting discussions with committed fellow students from a wide range of industries and organizations.

Upon completion of the program you will become a part of the IME Mini MBA Alumni group, which we will nurture and help to strengthen the ties between the fellow alumni and IME friends and partners through continuing IME events and activities.

8. Is there a formal indication of the number of ECTS points corresponding to the course?

The answer is no. The number of ECTS (Equivalents Credit Table) points are an indication of how much studying time is expected from a participant to understand and pass the course in question. The ECTS points do not give any indication of difficulty or quality of the program. As the Mini MBA does not have accreditation, there will be no formal indication of the number of ECTS points corresponding to the course.

However, if you still wish to get an idea about the number of ECTS points or work time that is required in the Mini MBA, we can start by pointing out that the agreement is that 1 ECTS-point matches approximately a workload of about 27-28 hours. If we imagine that it takes about 25 hours a month to complete the Mini MBA (including teaching, preparation, exercises and assignments), and that the total number of studying hours is 150, we would be talking about 5.5 ECTS points. 

9. Who should I contact for one-on-one meeting / no strings attached?

We would love to hear from you and meet for a cup of coffee. No strings attached.

Please contact:

Asger Daugbjerg
Director, IME Singapore
+65 8699 5705

10. How much does the Mini MBA program cost & how to apply?

The program costs are 3,500.00 Singapore Dollars excl. GST.

You can apply & pay online. If you decide for an easy apply and pay online, please note that we accept credit cards, PayPal & Google pay.

11. Where does the course take place?

All the full-day workshops will take place at

Zoom (online)


12. Where can I find program brochure?
Download the IME Mini MBA brochure here