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Design Your Career (Personal Strategy & Leadership module)

Design Your Career is a unique five-workshop module, meaning that our Mini MBA participants start all their full workshop days with a one hour  DYC with Agata Mathiasen, coach and IME expert. The focus of the module is on self-exploration, market discovery and finding the best possible job that suits each student. Read more about the Design Your Career module here. 


Business Strategy

Business strategy is no longer a once and done process. It is an action – and it is no longer only about predicting the future actions of the company based on the analysis of the past and the present. Strategic intuition is one of the things the company should not ignore in order to find the innovative solutions to strategic challenges. You need to build a common understanding about what you as an organization / employee believe that the future will look like and how to navigate in it. Read more about the Strategy module with Daryl Dunbar here.


Human Resources & People Management

The modern, efficient and effective HR function is business-driven and will add competitive advantage by more than being flawless administrators; the best HR teams are knowledgeable and skilled consultants who are ready and ambitious to sit at the top table. Read more about our Human Resources module with Andrew Jones here.